Ms. Melissa Bausley

Cello Teacher

Melissa Bausley

SAA Member


Laguna Beach, CA
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Melissa Bausley has had a passion for music her entire life and specializes in helping others foster their passion for music as well.

Melissa has been playing the cello for more than 20 years and enjoys the fact that music is a lifelong journey. She is currently part of the Orchestra Collective of Orange County and participates in online music competitions and showcases. She loves the Suzuki method because of the, ‘Every Child Can’ belief Dr. Suzuki held. Every child can absolutely learn to play the cello when given the opportunity and the patience of an encouraging teacher.

She enjoys helping others on their musical journey providing a holistic approach to each and every student. Everyone learns differently and taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach will leave many students unhappy and/or feeling as though they don’t have the talent to play cello. Learning is unique to each individual thereby requiring a tailored approach and lesson plan ensuring that the student is able to reach their highest potential.

For the best outcome, Melissa recommends a free trial lesson to determine if there is synergy between parent, teacher and student. Just as you wouldn’t buy a car before a test drive, the same applies to finding a music teacher. Try meeting with a few different teachers to determine your best fit. Adult beginners are welcome too!

Contact Melissa for your free first lesson today!

Studio Policy

  • Lesson pricing is $60 for a 60 minute lesson. For other lesson pricing and timing options, please contact Melissa directly.

  • Lessons are recorded and posted to YouTube via a nonpublic link for the teacher and the student to review. Student can choose to revisit the video as many times as necessary to review newly presented concepts, homework, etc.

  • Parental involvement is encouraged (and required), but there is only one teacher during the lesson. Please try to remain as patient and quiet as possible while your child is learning. Learning isn’t always a straight line!

  • If you need to cancel a lesson for any reason, please do so at least 48 hours in advance. If for any reason you are unable to provide adequate notice, you will still be charged for the full lesson.

  • Lessons are paid for monthly. For example, if your student has one 60-minute lesson every Friday and there are four Fridays in the month, you will pay $240 at the beginning of the month.