Miss. Maria Ines Rojas

Bass Teacher

Maria Ines Rojas

SAA Member


Valencia, Spain
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My name is María Inés Rojas, I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1980.
And mine, is one of those stories in which an unfortunate event, turns into a fortunate outcome.
I had quite a big and traumatic accident when I was 23 months old. A marble allowance fall over me, hitting mainly my head and braking my right eardrum. That caused that, when at my early childhood, I decided to become a musician, my parents totally supported me, in their hope it would help to stimulate my damaged organ. And fortunately, when at the age of 11th, doctors said that my ears were hundred per cent functional, they continued encouraging and supporting me, to pursued my dream.
And I did. I became a professional doublebassist, tango music performer, at the age of 21, and by my 28th I was already touring the world. I live the dream.
Then, in 2009 I had the chance to audition for the “Programa Provincial de Orquestas Infantiles” which is the replica of the Sistema in Argentina. That was the very first time I taught a child to play the bass, and it was an unespected, extremely, satisfactory, sensation for me. Short time after that, I had this dream where I was teaching a group of children, and my feeling of love and completion was overwhelming. Since then, I’ve been training in, and practicing, the Suzuki Method. Which is especially designed for children, and gives extreme importance to the support of their parents and teachers, in the final result of their education ( this I recognize, in my own student experience, as a reality); and by quotes like: “every child can” inspired me, as an educator, to teach them to be not just musician, but loving and caring human beings. 

For the last two years I’ve been a doublebass teacher at the “Programa Provincial de Orquestas Infantiles” for the Orquesta Pre-infantil in Florencio Varela, Buenos Aires. 

I want to improve my performance, for which I do concisely still studying, and it is very important for me to be in touch with the Maestros of my instrument. 

At the same time, I absolutely enjoy transferring and making, this type of content, available for children, that’s what I’m liking the most. Waking up children’s potential, has become my goal. There for learning-teaching-performing, skills developing, are right now, on the center of my search- research and action making.

Buenos Aires, nov. 15, 2014