Mr. Marcelo de Azevedo

Cello, Bass, Piano, Flute, Guitar Teacher

Marcelo de Azevedo

SAA Member


Rua Vilela Tavares 190
20725-220 Rio de Janeiro-RJ

+55 21 964638763
[javascript protected email address]

Available to change country, depending on the proposal .

Bachelor of cello by CBM—Brazilian Conservatory of Music with Prof. Paulo Santoro and Marie Reis, (2011)

Bachelor incomplete electric guitar, with Prof Guga Mendonça (2012)

Licenciatura by UCAM—Candido Mendes (2014/2015)

Special student at UFRJ (Master degree)

Postgraduate degree in Choral Regency at CBM (2016/2017)

Postgraduate degree in MPB—Musica Popular Brasileira (2017/2019)

Suzuki Philosophy Course in Campinas with Prof Shinobu Saito (Japan)

Suzuki Course Book 1, 2 e 4 in Cello in São José dos Campos with Prof. Patricia Pasmanter (Argentina)

Suzuki Course of Joint Practice Book 1 in Cello in São José dos Campos with Prof. Patricia Pasmanter (Argentina)

Professional experience:

Rio de Janeiro Orchestra, Faetec Orchestra, Rio Camerata Orchestra, CBM Orchestra, Camerata Dias Gomes, Tocante Orchestra, Blind Guardian Cover band, Hamate band, Ministry of Sound and Life, Ministry of the Spirit. Presentation in several places, such as churches, TV programs at REDE SUPER, CANAL BRASIL, THEATER MUNICIPAL DO RJ, THEATER MUNICIPAL DE NITEROI, FORTE DO COPACABANA, among many others.

Music teacher for 15 years, teaching keyboard, piano, guitar, guitar, electric bass, harmony, recorder, musical perception, music theory, cello.

Former Director of the Mousik School, Caiaffa, Faetec of Marechal Hermes, Private Lessons, Touching you, Apprentice Project, Military College, Compania de Maria, Baptist Church of Pilares.