Luciana Castillo

Recorder, Suzuki Early Childhood Education Teacher

Luciana Castillo

SAA Member


Campinas, SP, Brazil

Luciana Castillo was a Suzuki Recorder student at the age of 4, beginning  her studies with Lucia Nieto as part of the group of Peruvian children who participated in the elaboration of the Suzuki Recorder School. As a child she attended Holy Names University as demonstration student for Katherine White’s courses. Later, she attended the Suzuki Conference in Minneapolis for master classes.

She started her Suzuki training in 2004 in Lima, Peru in the International Suzuki Festivals. In 2006, she participated as a member of the main staff in that festival and has helped to coordinate every Suzuki Festival in Peru since then. Luciana has been part of the organizing committee of both  “Encuentros de Alumnos de América Latina” (Latin America Suzuki Orchestra) in 2010 and 2012, and is now leading the organization of the third one (2015). She was also present at the workshops organized by the Suzuki Association of Peru (ASP) in different regions of Peru as a guest teacher. She is now part of the staff in the Centro Suzuki de Campinas, Brazil, directed by Shinobu Saito.

As a recorder player she has been soloist three times with the National Symphonic Orchestra of Peru, has also played in different chamber groups and in the “Ensemble Artifex” – a group dedicated to the performance of repertoire from the Latin American Cathedrals and Latin American baroque and colonial music. She has had master classes with Clea Galhano, Gabriel Garrido, Ricardo Kanji and Paul Leenhouts.

She holds a degree in Social Science with emphasis in Sociology from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and is pursuing her recorder studies in Brazil with Helcio Muller.