Ms. Lisa R. Ronis

Guitar Teacher

SAA Member


Slidell, LA

After receiving a M.M. in classical guitar performance from The University of Arizona in 1985, Lisa Ronis began teaching guitar to children at the University of Arkansas Community School of the Arts. While she knew she wanted to teach young children, she had no way of going about it. Lisa received her first Suzuki guitar training with William Kossler in New Orleans in 1989. The following year she trained with Frank Longay in Chicago. At that time, she used homemade cassette tapes and xeroxed music. The smallest available guitar was 48cm scale. Since then Lisa has taken Suzuki Guitar training with Andrea Cannon and David Madsen. She has taught 3 year olds on a 40 cm scale guitar.

Lisa has studied with many guitar teachers including Oscar Ghiglia, Robert Guthrie, Manuel Lopez Ramos, Thomas Patterson and David Russell.
Lisa now lives in Slidell, LA and plans to start a new Suzuki guitar program in the greater New Orleans area.