Mrs. Leslie Mizrahi

Piano, Suzuki Early Childhood Education Teacher

Leslie Mizrahi

SAA Member


Lomas Reforma México, DF, Mexico

Leslie has run the Suzuki Piano program since 2005, the same year her training began. Leslie has registered up to bool 7, SECE strategies 1, 2 and 3 plus several practicum and enrichment courses; mostly with Ms.Carolilne Fraser.Her training also includes Kodály, Orff and Dlacroze pedagogies. Her school, “Instituto Suzuki Vive la Música” is celebrating its XI anniversary in May 2021. Leslie is President of the Mexican Suzuki Association since October 2017, until October 202, when the transition period ends. Her students have participated in diverse Festivals and Encuentros: Peru, Costa Rica, USA and Mexico; some have continued their musical studies professionally, both in the classical and the popular segments. Leslie has taught piano master classes in several cities in Mexico and Peru. Leslie was the Director of the 1st Suzuki Convention of the Americas, Cancun, May 2019. During the COVID 19 pandemic, May through June 2020, she offered 120 hours of pro bono piano mentoring one on one, to 20 piano teachers in Mexico.