Ksenia Kozhenkova

Piano Teacher

Ksenia Kozhenkova

SAA Member


Houston, TX
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Ksenia Kozhenkova studied piano at the Vladimir School of Music in Russia and is a graduate of the Vladimir Central Art School. After expressing a big interest in the early childhood education, Ksenia had earned the certifications of the Suzuki teaching. She believes that “the potential of every child is unlimited.” Ksenia encourages the musical growth promoted by the Suzuki Method and believes playing an instrument opens the door to other talents and improves personal expression.

Piano Lessons

Ksenia’s teaching approach is based on Dr. Suzuki’s philosophy with an elements of a traditional method to make sure the student develops a good ear training and obtain a good knowledge of musical theory. Suzuki Method is simply a different philosophy in teaching young children and is organized in 7 books which include various classical pieces. The main idea of Dr Suzuki’s philosophy is to inspire children to love music and play the instrument as natural as speaking their mother-tongue language. Suzuki method is simply a different approach in the way you learn songs.

Professional Life Coach

Ksenia is a certified Life Coach specializing in creative expression and various artistic techniques to keep her clients motivated and excited about their program. After years of teaching piano and art, Ksenia had created a unique way of teaching, combining music and art with Suzuki Philosophy.

Art Lessons following Suzuki Philosophy

Suzuki Philosophy has been originally created for violin and later translated in all other instruments including piano. Dr Suzuki believed that talent can be developed. Ksenia offers art lessons that follow Suzuki Philosophy, designed to expand imagination and open doors to other talents and abilities. She offers art lessons for children and adults. It does not matter which age you are, the talent is always within and ready to be developed.