Ms. Kari Tetzlaff

Piano Teacher

Kari Tetzlaff

SAA Member


Brooklyn, NY

I meld my Suzuki training with my Kodaly training, a classroom music method. With my littlest musicians I create pre-piano and first piano experiences filled with singing, puppets, games and coordination exercises. Once children are well along in Piano Book 1 and appear ready, I introduce pre-reading activities. By Book 2 children are reading music.

We enjoy cupcakes for “Twinkle Graduation” and for book recitals. I organize yearly group recitals so that every child can do a little something for an audience, even if he or she has only learned to bow or clap a twinkle rhythm so far. I carefully train my parents to be home teachers, suggesting relevant reading material, and their own piano instruction if they are interested.

My daughter played Suzuki cello starting when she was three years old. She celebrated her granny’s 100th birthday with a combined Book 7 and Book 8 recital that she performed at granny’s old folks home. Now she is age 17, and she plays in school and community orchestras. When she was learning, I enjoyed accompanying her book recitals on the piano.

I’m the music teacher at Deutsche Sprachschule in Union, NJ, a German language Saturday school for adults and children.

I have ten years of Suzuki piano teaching experience with children ages 3 to 11. I have completed the Suzuki training courses for Piano Books 1 and 2. In the past I have also taught elementary school general music and chorus, and I am certified in Kodaly method, a school classroom music method. I attended Swarthmore College where I received a BA in Music, and Queens College, NY where I received a MSEd in Music.