Julia Taylor

Violin Teacher

Julia Taylor


Lone Tree, CO

Julia is a dedicated violin and piano teacher. She has intellectual curiosity in gaining new knowledge and is excited to share with friends and students. To her, music is the best thing her parents have given her sister and her when they were growing up. Now, Julia wants to spread the joy of music to her students. She is teaching at home in Lone Tree and at Luther Strings on certain days of the week. Please email for detail scheduling information.

Learning music is not an easy task. Julia went through intense training to be a better musician and teacher. Her education includes Bachelor of Music from the University of Minnesota at Twins Cities and Master of Music from the University of Denver. Her major violin teachers include Linda Wang, Sally O’Reilly, Michael Ma, Kin Fung Leung and Ka Wang. She is a Suzuki Certified teacher and is studying under Kathleen Spring for the Suzuki Pedagogy Certification at the University of Denver.

Julia plays piano or violin with her students during their weekly lessons. In addition to implementing all aspects of music including theory, history, and composition into her music lessons, she encourages her students to challenge their best and ultimately have music as a life companion.