Miss. Joycelyn Choo

Violin Teacher

Joycelyn Choo

SAA Member


Walnut, CA
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Hello! My name is Joycelyn Choo and I have 16 years of violin experience and 12 years of piano experience. In the past, I have studied violin at the prestigious Colburn school of music in Los Angeles and at Biola University’s Conservatory of Music. I hold a Bachelor’s of Music degree in Violin Performance. My performing achievements include: soloing with the LLA Chamber Orchestra, leading the Biola String Quartet, performing in a masterclass taught by the world renowned Menahem Pressler (Beaux Arts Trio), performing with the Biola Symphony Orchestra as assistant concertmaster, and reaching level IX in MTAC (Piano Performance).

While I love performing, my true passion lies in teaching the violin. While I teach students of almost all ages, I specifically love teaching young children. In my past experience with teaching children, I have had the privilege of seeing their simple joy and eagerness. I believe that children can best thrive and learn if their learning styles are catered to and if they are loved. One of my goals as a teacher is to discover how I can best help the student learn (Is the student a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner? Does the student better understand the technical concepts if I use helpful analogies?) My greatest goal as a teacher is to love my students. Originally, Suzuki initiated his violin—teaching program not for the purposes of raising musical prodigies (which incidentally ended up happening) but for the purposes of nurturing children into noble souls who eagerly engaged in the pursuit of goodness, beauty, and truth. I believe that since goodness, beauty, and truth are inherent in music, it has the potential to transform someone’s life. However, without the catalyst of love, music can be rendered to a mere means of selfish gain. I believe that it is through the unconditional love that parents and teachers offer their kids/students, regardless of their skill, that the students begin to explore the beauty of music.