Josanna Justine

Guitar, Piano, Suzuki Early Childhood Education Teacher

SAA Member


Calgary, AB, Canada
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“Play the accordion”, he said. “It’ll sound great”, he said. Although this conversation happened two decades ago, it was a turning point in a lifetime of Musical Adventures! Josanna grew up playing classical piano and flute in band, is currently a multi-instrumentalist in a band with her husband, Peter (of said accordion conversation). Over the years, she’s learned to play upwards of 20 instruments and intends to continue learning more, and has grown in the art of teaching along the way. Josanna’s Suzuki journey began as one of the ECE teachers at STES, and though her background is with Conservatory Canada, she is looking forward to continuing her education in the Suzuki method. She now teaches guitar, piano, and Early Childhood music from her home studio. However, the recent news of an Suzuki Accordion track is extremely exciting! (there may have been a happy dance involved upon hearing of it)