James Guerin

Piano Teacher


  • Bachelor Arts/Master of Arts
  • Suzuki Level 5 Piano Instructor
  • Orff Level One Music Instructor
  • Certified Kodaly/Solfegge Instructor Level One
  • Member Music Teacher’s Association of California
  • BCLAD (Bilingual) California Clear Multi Subject Teaching Credential (elementary)

Music and choir director for St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, Poway, CA. Private piano teacher from my studio near downtown San Diego. Studio is equipped with keyboards and pianos and recording equipment for group learning. Under contract with La Jolla Symphony for group piano instruction to inner city residents. Performer of jazz and cabaret at locations throughout San Diego. All students learn improvisation and theory in addition to the classical repertoire.

I have seven years elementary classroom experience, using the Orff method in my music classes. I improve my own piano technique with Nina Scolnick of UC Irvine. Her methods reinforce the Suzuki method’s emphasis on unrestricted and supportive body movement in piano playing.

I actively pursue professional development. In the five years from 2008-2013, I have attended seven Suzuki trainings from Chicago to Mexico City, and taken courses in music theory and history, as well as attending the Music Teacher Association’s convention in Los Angeles the summer of 2014.