Jeanne Lancaster

Voice Teacher

Jeanne Lancaster

SAA Member


Riverton, UT
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Jeanne began studying voice in 1998 as a teenager and went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from George Mason University in 2007. As a young singer, she was very shy and quiet and it took several years of hard work learning to overcome performance anxiety and tension, as well as developing breath control and a beautiful clear tone. Because Jeanne did not have as much “natural talent” as her fellow students at school and had to work hard to excel, she loves helping other students who struggle with some of the same issues. She strongly believes that anyone who has the desire can learn to sing beautifully. Throughout her vocal career, Jeanne has studied Classical, Opera, and Broadway music. She has performed in various musical, operatic, and theatrical productions over the years and and her all-time favorite role has been Mabel in Pirates of Penzance. Throughout the years, Jeanne has never stopped her own vocal training. After finishing her degree and moving to Utah, she studied privately under Dr. Arden Hopkin during his tenure as head of vocal studies at Brigham Young University, and currently studies privately with a faculty member of the University of Utah, Dr. Carol Ann Allred. Jeanne firmly believes that there is always more you can learn about singing.Recently Jeanne began studying the Suzuki Approach to teaching music and she aims to gain as much Suzuki training as she can to further help her students. She has also begun studying the Kodaly system of teaching music, focusing on sight singing and ear training. She accepts students ages 3 to 100. For younger students, Jeanne focuses on pitch matching, breathing, producing a beautiful tone, and learning basic elements of music, sight singing, and ear training through fun activities. She also offers regular group lessons for younger singers who study with her at no extra charge for those who can make the meeting time. Young students have the option of only doing group lessons without private study if they choose. For singers in their teenage years and up, Jeanne teaches breath control, alleviating tension, singing with a relaxed and open throat, beautiful tone, and learning a variety of repertoire. Jeanne offers a yearly recital for all of her students to learn performance practice and showcase their progress. Teaching voice is Jeanne’s “Happy Place” as she helps each student grow and develop in their own unique way. Jeanne has been teaching for 11 years.