Ms. Irene Diamond

Piano Teacher

Irene Diamond

SAA Member


New York, NY
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Offering private 1:1 lessons taken online from anywhere around the world. English speaking.
Every student’s program is customized.

Energized about accessing your true sense of purpose, Irene Diamond models skilled determination with love and perception. Committed to the belief that any child or adult can learn to play piano, sing, act, and compose, Irene Diamond takes pleasure in customizing her students’ music study to align with their plans and fulfill their dreams. A tour de force in piano pedagogy and performance herself, Irene Diamond provides a comprehensive education drawing from the Japanese Dr. Shin’ichi Suzuki’s philosophy that music can change the world in the same natural way that the student’s mother tongue is acquired – through listening. By creating their world environment, any student can learn to play and sing through repetition and imitation, and by partnering with Irene Diamond to develop their Talent. Having no entrance or audition requirements, Irene Diamond accepts students, and aspiring artists and actors of all ages, believing that when they are surrounded by varied styles and genres of music, they will respond with a beautiful heart and true sense of purpose.