Graciela (Chela) Escudero

Guitar Teacher

SAA Member

Chela Iznardo has been teaching the Guitar Suzuki Method for several years. She is currently a “Head Start Program” teacher at the SuzukiMusic School.

She took her training with William Kossler and Andrea Cannon and she is currently undertaken her guitar studies with Daniel Srugo.

She received her AMI (International Montessori Association) diploma on 2005. The Montessori Method aims for fullest possible development of the whole child. She graduated as a Kindermusik educator on 2007. Kindermusik full curricula offer children seven years of musical learning. That involves every aspect of growth and development: language, motor skills, social skills, cognitive development, emotional growth and musicality.

Chela is part of the “Peruvian Folklore group” and she has collaborated in different occasions teaching children Afro Peruvian dances. Chela speaks Spanish, English and French.