Gil Teixeira

Guitar Teacher

Gil Teixeira

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Pittsburgh, PA
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Gil Teixeira is a classical guitarist and teacher who holds the philosophy that as music educators, we must be inspired in order to inspire. By continually growing, learning, and taking on new challenges as a 21st century musician, he holds a broad range of performance, creative, and educational experience, both within the Suzuki/classical guitar realm and in a variety of other musical and artistic contexts.

A native of Portugal, a country with a very rich tradition in classical guitar performance, Gil grew up studying classical guitar with some of the great masters of the instrument. He holds a Bachelors in Guitar Performance from Escola Superior de Música e das Artes do Espectáculo (Porto, Portugal), where he studied with José Pina. He went on to receive a Post Graduate Guitar Teaching Certificate from Universidade Aberta (Lisbon, Portugal). He also holds a Bachelors in Philosophy from Faculdade de Letras (Porto, Portugal).

Alongside his classical studies, Gil became deeply involved in the post-rock scene in northern Portugal, being a founding member of the band La La La Ressonance. This group, known for its extensive work pushing the artistic boundaries of a “band” and really functioning more as a complex musical ensemble made up of talented musician/composer/improvisers, has become very prolific and well-known all over Portugal and Europe. They have released four albums to date and have toured extensively in Portugal and throughout Europe.

In 2012, Gil moved to London to pursue a Masters in Music at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama. During this time, he continued to work as a guitarist, teacher, and creative workshop leader, but also expanded his work into the digital realm and began to work more extensively with electronic music, sound art, multimedia installation performance, and programming/creation of digital platforms for musical collaboration.

With over fifteen years of teaching experience,  Gil has taught all ages and levels from young beginners to high level conservatory students. He believes deeply in well-rounded musical education—one that incorporates classical foundation and musical and instrumental skill development of the highest quality with a parallel development of creative skills so that students can also experience a connection between their musical development and artistic voice. Alongside teaching the classic repertoire, he also incorporates modern repertoire and  leads creative processes with students in order to motivate and provide exposure to all styles and modes of musical expression.

Gil has taught masterclasses, led workshops, and performed all over Europe and the U.S. as well as in South America, Africa, and the Middle East. He moved to Pittsburgh in January of 2015.