Mrs. Erin E. Rushforth

Violin Teacher, Administrator

Erin Rushforth

SAA Member


San Antonio, TX

Erin Rushforth is a Suzuki violin teacher in San Antonio, TX, with an eye for detail and a penchant for planning. She grew up as a Suzuki kid in Rochester, MN, and studied in high school with Mary West of the MacPhail Center for Music. Erin earned her BA and MA in French studies from Brigham Young University. She has studied Suzuki pedagogy with Liz Arbus, Linda Fiore, Cathy Lee, Ann Montzka Smelser, Teri Einfeldt, and completed a one-year teaching practicum with Pat d’Ercole.

Erin is the Learning Manager for the SAA and Director of Student Affairs at the Japan-Seattle Suzuki Institute. She loves running, reading, eating, planning trips, studying languages, and spending time with her family.