Mrs. Dawn E. Rockwell

Suzuki Early Childhood Education, Piano Teacher, Parent

Dawn Rockwell

SAA Member


Greenville, NC

Dawn Rockwell began her Suzuki experience as a violin parent in 2002. In 2004, she began her Piano teacher training, completing the “Every Child Can!” program, and going on to complete training for Piano Books 1-4 with Teacher Trainers Mary Craig Powell and Doris Koppelman. Dawn has been working in various early childhood music programs for 30 years, and since hearing of the Suzuki Early Childhood Education program in 2009, has taken the training for Levels 1-5 with the program’s co-creators, Dorothy and Sharon Jones, and re-taken levels 1 and 2 with Lynn McCall and Danette Schuh, respectively. In 2017, Dawn was a Piano and Early Childhood clinician at the Moravian College Music Institute (MCMI)’s first annual “Summer Suzuki Workshop @ Moravian,” and returned in 2018, helping to expand the program’s offerings to include the SECE class for the staff & program families. Dawn is the Director of Sound Beginnings Music Studio and currently teaches both piano and SECE in Greenville, NC, and is pursuing her goal of becoming an SECE Teacher Trainer.