Mr. Charles A. Regauer

Viola, Violin Teacher, Administrator

Charles Regauer

SAA Member


Shreveport, LA

Charles Regauer is native of Brazil, where he started his studies in violin and viola. Charles holds a Bachelor’s Degree in music from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil and a Master’s degree in Music from the University of New Mexico with a double concentration in Viola Performance and Violin Pedagogy. He attended several music festivals in Brazil, where he had the opportunity to learn from great teachers as Eric Rosenblith, Richard Young, Ori Kam, Paul Biss, Rainer Moog, Clara Takarabe, Renée Moore-Skerik, and Timothy Deighton. In the year 2008 he won the SESI/Fundarte concerto competition for young soloists where he performed a solo with the orchestra in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Charles Regauer has been teaching violin and viola since 2006 and completed the Suzuki Violin Long Term-Training with Susan Kempter. Also, he has continued his teacher training in viola with Elizabeth Stuen Walker, Bill Preucil and Sarah Montzka. He has attended other teaching courses with Mimi Zweig, Barbara Barber, Winifred Crock, Nancy Jackson, Pat D’Ercole, Doris Preucil, Laurie Scott, Mark Mutter and Pat D’Ercole. He has taught in Suzuki workshops in Brazil, Mexico and United States; having fun learning and teaching, sometimes dressed as Gandalf or Waldo, playing scales, movie songs, Bach Minuets, leading the viola groups or teaching master classes.

Currently, he works at the Centenary College of Louisiana as a violin/viola instructor and administrator to the Centenary Suzuki School in Shreveport, LA. When he is not busy working, Charles Regauer likes to make espressos and try different coffee beans from the world. Also, he likes to play video games, ride his bicycle, play soccer, golf, hiking, build paper airplanes, make barbecues and read.