Cami Shaskin

Violin Teacher

Cami Shaskin

SAA Member


Tooele, UT

I have been teaching since age 19. I was a Suzuki child myself. At age five, I was enrolled by my mother in violin lessons from the late Janet Anderson who lived near Salt Lake City, and as my family took opportunities to experience different cultures and states, I moved with them, taking advantage of violin training at each place, up through a graduate degree in Music Education, where I studied with Richard Fuchs. Outside my excellent training from local semiprofessionals in Utah, I studied in CO, near the Twin Cities, in Michigan one summer, and in Sao Paulo, Brazil. After graduating with my first music degree, I was hired to perform in Williamsburg professionally. As a private teacher, I incorporate ideas from both classically trained violinists and those who prefer the Suzuki method exclusively. All ages can benefit from the discipline required to study and excel on any instrument. I also enjoy coaching small groups and recommend that option to all who can take advantage of chamber music opportunities. I would love to see the Suzuki Association take an active role in introducing methods Suzuki developed and transfer them to orchestras and school systems worldwide. See my website at