Brighid Wagner

Violin, Viola Teacher

Brighid Wagner

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35910 Little Fall Creek Rd
Fall Creek OR 97438

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After receiving a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Alabama, I headed west in search of adventure; at the University of Oregon, I pursued a Master of classical Violin and Viola Performance and Pedagogy, as well as a Master of Arts in Musicology with a focus in medieval string improvisation. I have studied advanced Suzuki pedagogy with numerous Suzuki teachers, including Sue Baer, Alan Lieb, Linda Fiore, and Betsy Stuen-Walker.

I conducted a robust Suzuki violin studio in Portland, Oregon (2007-2009) and in Eugene, Oregon (2009-present). I have also used a Music Together inspired curriculum since 2010 to prepare preschoolers for violin lessons.

“My philosophy for violin teaching is centered around the body and the soul. If your muscles and bones are in correct alignment, your breathing is controlled, and your technique is flexible, fluid, and tension free, you have the freedom to play any style you want. A typical lesson with a beginner is similar to a lesson with an advanced player: we focus on the body, then tone, then repertoire. The model is to keep students motivated in an organized, positive, competition-free environment and make a game of discipline and repetition that will follow them throughout their adult lives.”

I incorporate folk music traditions in my teaching and am involved in a number of unique music projects. I writes and perform dark-neofolk music based on the Beowulf manuscript in the acoustic project Wēoh, often singing in ancient Anglo-Saxon. I am also a part of the blackened neofolk metal project, Felled, where I combine the fluidity of classical training with the raw elements of my folk music experiences.

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