Anne Anderson

Violin, Viola, Piano Teacher

Anne Anderson

SAA Member


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At the very young age of three years, I learned to love the violin. I wanted to study the violin right away since I was always hearing music in my family. My parents played instruments and sang on tour before I was born. My mother sang and plays the flute/piccolo as well as my father sang multiple ranges. My brothers and sister played the strings as well. I studied once to twice a week privately for years with instructor Mrs. Dorothy Stahler and attended symphony every week as well as attended in concerts, with the Florida West Coast Symphony in beautiful Sarasota Florida. I have studied with the finest teachers, David Arenz and Sonja Foster Allen. I have grown to know my outstanding musicianship. My parents were always doing something musical in and out of the church weather it be planning church gatherings, leading special choir concerts or just congregational singing. It’s a blessing from God to have such a musical ability in our family. I thank my parents most of all for this lifetime experience I get to enjoy. I do play in orchestral settings, Ballets and in a professional quartet. I love to play for children so they can grow, be enriched and develop a love for music.

Please feel free to message me if you are interested in private lessons.