Mrs. Annabel Moynihan

Violin Teacher

Annabel Moynihan

SAA Member


Waterbury Center, VT

Annabel began piano at five years old and violin at seven. Her father is a pianist and conductor, and provided her with a rich musical education. She had her first string quartet in ninth grade, and has formed and played in countless groups since then. She has performed in varied ensembles and bands on stages from California to the Burlington Flynn Center, to Moscow, Russia, and hundreds of places in between. She is an outstanding Irish fiddler, and her current ensemble plays Irish Traditional music.
Annabel began teaching violin in her rural community over a decade ago, compelled by the absence of any violin teachers in her town. She is deeply grateful to the support and resources offered by the Suzuki method, which were easily accessible despite the remote location.
Annabel emphasizes technique and musicality from the first lesson. She supports all her violin students in whatever they would like to pursue with their music, while always continuing the Suzuki repertoire. She usually leads at least two youth groups per semester, one Suzuki group, and one Irish Traditional group. She helps her students with performances, on both electric and acoustic violins, if they want to do that. She strives to provide a well-rounded musical eduction.
She has a small limit of private students, and currently has a few openings. She accepts all levels, all ages.