Miss. Anna Weaver

Violin, Viola Teacher

Anna Weaver

SAA Member


Bryans Road, MD
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Hi, my name is Anna Weaver. My music journey began at a young age listening to a wide variety of music. Around age 7, I was presented with a self-teaching course for piano. My mother instructed me at home in beginning piano and music theory. When I turned 10, the opportunity presented itself to me to begin learning the violin. I preferred violin to piano and switched entirely to that instrument. Many years later, I did return to the piano, realizing that it is a foundational instrument and provided many opportunities to assist in my church and studio. I have had excellent teachers, Mrs. Jennifer King, Miss Emily Mahler, and Mrs. Katherine Budner. After graduating from my family’s homeschool, I was encouraged by my teacher to take the Suzuki teacher training and begin a studio. I have done so and am blessed to have had the opportunity to touch the lives of many young (and not so young) people over the last several years.

In addition to music, several of my hobbies are gardening, natural medicine, candle making, reading, child development, working with animals, cooking, and writing. My parents and siblings are my best friends and I love doing anything that involves working with them.

I am continuing my musical education by reading books such as Edmund Sprunger’s “Building Violin Skills” and “Helping Parents Practice.” I have subscribed to the “Parents as Partners Online” video series for the last couple years. These are filled with a wealth of helpful tips for parents, students and teachers. Almost every summer, I look forward to attending a Suzuki Summer institute where I have the chance to glean from so many excellent teachers. And, of course, every week I learn from my own students in my own studio.