Anna Bross

Violin Teacher

Anna Bross

SAA Member


Baltimore, MD
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Inspired by Disney’s Fantasia  to play violin at age 4, violist Anna Bross hasn’t been able to stop performing ever since.  She has gone from playing in Grandma’s living room to pursuing her dream in Symphony Orchestras and Chamber Groups all across America.  She has performed in Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, and in the Baltimore area, where she currently resides.

Ms. Bross has formerly served as principal of the Illinois Valley Symphony, the NIU Philharmonic and the Peabody Concert Orchestra, and has served as a section violist in numerous other ensembles throughout her career.

Ms. Bross  received her Bachelor’s degree in Viola Performance from Northern Illinois University in 2011 and her Master’s Degree from the Peabody Conservatory in 2013. Her primary teachers include Anthony Devroye, Li-Kuo Chang and Maria Lambros.

Teaching Philosophy:

Growing up, from ages 4-15, I was a student of the Suzuki Method on violin.  When I was in High School, I fell in love with the deep, rich sound of the Viola and decided to make it my primary instrument. I have great love for both instruments still, and I enjoy sharing my passion with my students.  I have experience teaching both the violin and viola to students from ages 3-65.  

As a teacher, I have multiple goals:

  1. I want my students to love music and their instrument
  2. I want my students to develop their own musical voice.  My goal with teaching is to help students use their unique musical voice to form lasting and meaningful connections with their audiences and the people around them.
  3. Making great musicians is awesome, but I’m also out to help make great people! As Pablo Casals said, “I am a human first, a musician second.”