Anita D. Knight

Violin, Suzuki Early Childhood Education Teacher, Parent

Anita Knight

SAA Member


Kent, WA
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I had excellent traditional violin instruction, gaining me the honor of playing in the All-State orchestra in high school, and traveling cross country with the University Chamber Orchestra, even playing in Carnegie Hall!
However, my music world exploded when I was exposed to Suzuki in my early 20’s.
Imagine a method so sequential, so musical, so review-rich, that ANYONE could experience success ~ from a two year old to a seventy year old!

True to form, I dove right in with teacher training classes and taught Suzuki for 10 years. I then took a 10 year break to homeschool our 6 sons, while supporting them all on piano and Suzuki violin.
In 2010 I reopened my studio as “Joyful Sound” and continued Suzuki training. My parenting/ instructing experience allows me to relate to children at an entirely new level. I “get” how a growing mind works, how to motivate a student (and how not to!), bringing respect and celebration to each individual, young or old!

My specialty is teaching entire families: mothers and fathers, with their little flocks. I now have a batch of 2-3 year olds thrilled about their lessons each week, as well as adults learning for the first time.
It brings me incredible fulfillment to bring the gift of music and investing in lives, young and old!

Our house has become a “mansion of music”, filled with students and beautiful music!
Come visit and join us here!