Miss. Ana Herrera

Cello Teacher

Ana Herrera


Córdoba, Argentina
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· Graduated from the Félix T. Garzón Provincial Conservatory of Music in the city of Córdoba, she began her studies in 1994 with Prof. Lola Forte and Prof. Alicia Vergara. It is currently perfected with Prof. Myriam Santucci. · From 1996 she began to integrate various orchestras: she joined the Orchestra of the Conservatory, under the direction of the Mtro. Eduardo Ghelli, as a cello guide until 1999.· During 1998 she participated in master classes taught by teachers of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Boston Symphony and by the Mtro. Claudio Baraviera, soloist of the National Symphony Orchestra.· Since 2000 she has served as a solo cello in the Youth Symphony Orchestra of the Teatro del Libertador, under the direction of the Mtro. Carlos Giraudo, with whom he performs a lot of concerts with international soloists in various rooms in Cordoba. During the year 2000 she participated in the MERCOSUR Youth Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Dario Ntaca, with whom he toured the province of Misiones and Asunción, Paraguay.· During the 2001-2002 season she participated in the Chamber Orchestra of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the National University of Córdoba, where he developed the main repertoire for string orchestra.· From 2003 she began his teaching activity, specializing in Suzuki Method. He currently conducts annual training courses taught by training professors of the Suzuki Association of the Americas; Prof. Caroline Fraser (Philosophy and Methodology), PhD. Tanya Carey and Prof. Patricia Pasmanter (cello). · In January 2008 she attended the XXV Office of Ancient Music in Curitiba (Brazil), accessing a scholarship to participate in the baroque cello course taught by the Mtro. Gaetano Nasillo (Italy).· Since 2008 she has been a performer of Baroque cello the Antique Córdova Ensamble, a ensemble dedicated to the dissemination of vocal and instrumental Baroque music. This group consists of musicians trained at the Instituto Domingo Zipoli. · From 2007 to 2009 she of the Symphony Orchestra of the National University of Córdoba. · During the year 2007 she was part of the string quartet Traumerei with those who participated in the Galas del Río 2009 festival in the city of La Paz, Entre Ríos, being the only string quartet awarded to attend the Chamber Music classes taught by the Mtro. Elias Gurevich, soloist of the “Camerata Bariloche”.· She currently holds the chairs of Violoncello in the Suzuki Method National University of Córdoba, at the Felix T. Garzon Provincial Conservatory belonging to the Faculty of Arts and Design Provincial University of Córdoba and the Conservatory Superior of Music Felipe Boero (Villa María, Córdoba).· From 2012 to 2015 she was part of the Orchestra Tipica Ciriaco, ensemble dedicated to the dissemination and musical practice of tango, being directed by Pablo Jaurena.· During 2013 she began the study of viola da gamba with Prof. Raúl Venturini.· She has participated in the masterclasses provided by the Mtro. Balasz Mate, specialist in baroque cello and historically informed musical performance. · During 2016 she jointly organized with the Pedagogical Coordination of the Suzuki Method U.N.C the first meeting of Suzuki cellists in the city of Córdoba, sharing classes and experiences with group of students of cello Suzuki of Buenos Aires and Cordoba.· She has given concerts with the Compañía Vía Lirica, a group originally from the city of Rio Cuarto, they were entirely dedicated to the vocal and instrumental work of J. S. Bach and were performed on stages of Córdoba, Rio Cuarto and Rio Tercero.· Today it is part of Estilo XVIII Baroque Ensemble, an instrumental group dedicated to interpreting and spreading the music of the Baroque period using instruments from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries; this ensemble specializes in historically informed musical interpretation of the Baroque repertoire exclusively.