Ms. Ali Kang

Violin, Suzuki Early Childhood Education Teacher, Parent

Ali Kang

SAA Member


Brooklyn, NY

Ali Kang is currently on the Suzuki violin, SECE and theory faculty at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music and teaches beginners group classes at Poly Prep’s Lower School. She also maintains a private studio at her home in Park Slope.

Ali is an alumnus of The Juilliard School, where she attended the Pre-College Division for five years. She was awarded a full scholarship to enter the college division at age 15. After receiving her B.M. in violin performance from The University of Michigan School of Music, where she studied with Paul Kantor, Ali performed as a section violinist in the Syracuse Symphony before returning to Juilliard for a year of graduate studies. Her teachers at Juilliard were Naoko Tanaka, Dorothy DeLay and Stephen Clapp.

Ali completed her long-term Suzuki teacher training at the School for Strings in NYC, where she studied violin and pedagogy with Allen Lieb and Ecaterina Gerson. She completed her Suzuki Early Childhood Education training with Lynn McCall in 2017, and her Music Together teacher training with Susan Darrow in 2013. Ali has a Level 1 certificate in Paul Rolland String Pedagogy.

Ali has continued her professional development with Dalcroze music pedagogy classes at The Lucy Moses School. Ali holds a Level 1 Introductory Credential certification from the Dalcroze Society of America, and currently takes eurythmics, solfege, and improvisation with Cynthia Lilley and Michael Joviala in preparation for the Level 2 exam. For the past six years, Ali has also practiced the Feldenkrais Method for its applications to musicianship, pedagogy and learning.

Ali was a Suzuki kid herself, starting at age three with veteran teacher Linda Boozer Vasilaki. She is now also a Suzuki mom to her ten-year-old violinist daughter.