Mrs. Alexis E. Proksch

Violin Teacher

Alexis Proksch

SAA Member


Charlotte, NC
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Awarded with “Excellence of Expression”, “Brilliant Artistry” and “Gorgeous Vibrato”, Alexis has had the honors of receiving numerous awards in Utah’s ASTA festivals, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. At 12 years old, Alexis was grateful to receive 1st place in the junior concerto competition in Salt Lake City which gave her the experience to play Vivaldi as the featured solo violinist with the Oquirrh Mountain Symphony before an audience. She has had the privilege of studying classical music at Utah State University through world renown artists such as Russell Fallstad, William Fedkenheuer and guest artists such as Mimi Zweig. She had the opportunity to study with Diane Austin, who early in her career, studied with Doctor Suzuki in Japan. She spent a summer at Northern Arizona University under the direction of Louise Scott. These teachers encouraged the artistry of being able to deliver to any audience a doorway into the world of music which would then move the listener personally. Alexis says, “It’s not the award that is most satisfactory in music, It’s the people who, with tears in their eyes, thank you for the uplifting music. That is priceless.”
Alexis’s studies continued in Las Vegas at the Nevada School Of The Arts with Mary Straub from 2011-2014. Alexis was pushed to a whole new level of playing and rigorously practiced to meet the demand. Her work paid off as she found fulfillment in accomplishing the unthinkable. With a thankful heart, she took first place amongst her peers in all of southern Nevada’s Silver State Festival and was the only one to receive a ribbon among her peers after the Bolognini competition in 2014. One of her best memories was successfully auditioning for the orchestra in a concert featuring Grammy Award winner Jenny Oaks Baker. She was able to visit with and learn from Jenny who has established a balanced life between a concert violinist and mother. Her most unique memory was being invited to record with her two sisters at a studio.
At 19, Alexis was able to proceed education at Jacob’s School of Music in Indiana. Alexis was providentially accepted into Sibbi Bernhardsson’s studio and under his tutelage where she was in college training in one of the nation’s top 10 music conservatories. As Beethoven said, “Fate gave to man courage of endurance.” Alexis has exemplified her passion and dedication of music for the past 13 years in all the colors of life’s experiences.
​ Alexis through many years of being mentored under some of the best teachers, was able to learn how to be a great teacher through experience as a teachers assistant, and by helping some of her own students reach great heights. Alexis has been teaching for 11 years and worked at Charlotte Academy of Music for 2 years.
Alexis currently lives in Charlotte North’s a Carolina where she is a full time suzuki teacher. She is currently growing even more as a teacher by attending Suzuki’s personalized teacher training through the Suzuki associations of the Americas. She also enjoys street preforming, playing for gigs, at church, weddings, business events, or for anyone who is willing to listen.

“Playing an instrument in and of it’s own is thrilling! But being able to provide that same joy and love to someone else is even more rewarding!”
“It’s not the award that is most satisfactory in music, It’s the people who, with tears in their eyes, thank you for the uplifting music. That is priceless.”
“Everyone deserves a chance to express themselves freely! Music is the perfect way to express oneself. I am so glad I have the opportunity to share that same knowledge with others!”