Alexandra Fackler

Piano Teacher

Alexandra Fackler

SAA Member


Oklahoma City, OK
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Alexandra Fackler was three years old when her parents bought her a piano and five when she started taking Suzuki lessons.  Neither parent had musical experience but they were determined to ensure their daughter did.  Fackler also began accompanying and collaborating with other musicians at a young age.  Playing piano for her little sister’s violin recitals and performing at local venues with a variety of bluegrass bands made Fackler comfortable working with other musicians before she had any formal ensemble training.  This amount of collaboration at that early age instilled in Fackler a love of playing with other musicians that she would eventually pursue as a career.

Fackler holds Bachelor of Musical Arts from the University of Oklahoma and a Master of Music degree in Collaborative Piano from the University of Central Oklahoma.  She collaborates often with professionals and university students and is comfortable playing with a wide range of instruments.  However, despite experiencing the joy of playing masterworks with her peers, Fackler’s real passion lies in accompanying students and younger musicians.  Providing the support for young musicians to feel comfortable on stage is something to which Fackler strives. 

Fackler is a product of the Suzuki method and is a Suzuki piano teacher; this training is to what she credits her love of working with children.  Fackler is the accompanist for Canterbury Youth Voices Central Chorale and has worked at summer camps where she has accompanied both musicals and soloists.  Fackler has music directed several musicals and enjoys experimenting with new music.  Fackler hopes to pursue a Doctoral degree in Collaborative Piano and to one day hold a teaching position at a university where she can pass on her love of collaboration to a new generation of musicians.