Parents as Partners Online launches January 25, 2016 with 46 new video talks for parents, as well as the return of 17 past favorites.

This series of short online videos for Suzuki parents and teachers will address such Suzuki-related topics as practice tips, parent-child relationships, philosophy, listening, motivation and more!

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Here is a short clip of one of this year’s Parents as Partners talks.

How it Works

  • We’ll email you on Monday, January 25 with instructions on how to access Parents as Partners Online.

  • New video lectures will be added each Monday, and we’ll email you then too.

  • Videos can be watched on any web-enabled device: desktop and laptop computers, smart phones, and tablets—including iPhones and iPads.

  • Once posted, all videos can be watched online at any time until June 30.

New 2016 Talks

A Measure of Progress
Sue Baer

A Parent’s Perspective on Summer Suzuki Institutes
Cindy Schreuder

A Thousand Bow Holds? You Must Be Kidding!
Barabara Balatero

Are You Inadvertently Sabotaging Your Child’s Lesson?
Teri Einfeldt

Creative Strategies for Effective Review—a Survey of Favorite Activities from within the Suzuki Triangle
Rafael Videira

Discover What Encourages Teens to “Get Up and Go”
Colleen Fitzgerald

DIY: Do-It-Yourself Practice Games
Kathleen Schoen

Don’t Just Practice…Go Do Something!
Rebekah Hanson

Everything I Needed to Know about the Suzuki Triangle I Learned from a Dog
Meret Bitticks

Five Years Later—Where are They Now?!
Rebecca Martin with Suzuki parents Jen Blackenship and Julie Stibbards

Fun with Trouble Stops? What?
Shu-Yi Scott

Group Class: Creating an Environment of Community in Our Isolated Society
Mark Mutter

Guitar Hero?! VIOLIN Hero!!
Treesa Gold

Hands Separate Practice: Techniques and Tips for Success
Ellen Kogut

How to Make Sure Your Child Will Never Ever Set Foot on Stage to Perform Again!
Diana Galindo

If You Can Sing It, You Can Play It!
Mary Hofer

I’ve Been to the Lesson and Now What?
Brittany Gardner

La Teoría de las Inteligencias Multiples: Ideas en práctica
Fernando Pinero

Making Suzuki Feel Good in 2015
Liza Barley

¿Mil tomas del arco? De broma?
Barbara Balatero

Music for 1000 Children
Tammy Linn

Musical Elements from Twinkle to Mozart
Holly Smardo

Musical Rewards
Darbi Green and Connie McCullough

No Time to Practice?
Kathleen Bowman

Nurtured by WHAT??? When You Are Not Feeling the Love During Practicing
Zachary Ebin

Orchestra and the Suzuki Student
Daniel Gee

Overcoming Practice Challenges . . . I Promise You’re Not Alone!
Christine Wilson-Goodner

Parent to Parent: Creating the Link of Community for All
Janelle Severson

Partner Up!—Get the 411 from Suzuki Parents
Lucy Shaw and Suzuki parents

Playing By Ear…Unlocking the Mystery
Ed Kreitman

Practicing with Loops
Leo Kitajima

Recipe for Citizenship: Key Ingredients for Teaching Children to be Members of a Community
Katie Bast

Review that Works!
Julie Bamberger Roubik

Seven Secrets to Sanity with Suzuki Siblings
Rebekah Waggoner

Suzuki Parenting: An Exercise in Leadership
Janis Wittrig

Suzuki Training and Body Mapping: A Great Combination for Playing Better While Avoiding Injury
Kerry Travers

Take Your Teacher Home! Creative and Effective Uses of Video Recording in Your Individual Lesson
Lillian Manis

Teachers’ Perspectives on Practicing with their Children
Amy Gesmer-Packman, Stacey Brady, Flori Muller, Heather Hadley  

Tech Talks V2.0—Studio Updates Available for Download Now
Ian Salmon

The Importance of Educating a Really Beautiful Human Spirit
Danette Schuh

The Practice Lizard
Suzy Perelman

The Value of Listening
Kelly Williamson

The Theory of Multiple Intelligences: Ideas in Practice
Fernando Pinero

Three Important Words
Edmund Sprunger

Triangle Distortion: Confessions of a Suzuki Teacher who is also a Suzuki Parent
Andrea French

Want Consistent Progress in Your Practicing?? Use These Reminders to Help Your Child at Their Lesson
Beatrice Blanc

Why ARE we doing Suzuki, anyway???
Joanne Martin

Work Together, Stand Back, and Admire
Beth Titterington and Sarah Beth Titterington Ibbett

Selected Talks from Prior PPO Years

Advice and Encouragement for Suzuki Parents
Brittany Gardner

Dry Ideas! Make it visual using the dry erase board
Lucy Shaw

Forget Soccer, I want to practice!
Zachary Ebin

Guarantees for More Progress During Practice
James Hutchins

Guarantees for More Progress During Practice, the Sequel
James Hutchins

Guarantees for More Progress During Practice, Part 3
James Hutchins

Is My Child Talented?
Kathleen Spring

Ed Kreitman

Pardon the Interruption
Ed Sprunger

Pop your Ears!
Alyssa Hardie Beckmann

Meret Bitticks

Raising Independent Musicians
Mark Mutter

Simple Suzuki Stretches
Joanna Binford

Tech Talks 2015: Bringing your Suzuki Experience Up-to-Date with the Latest Gadgets and Apps
Ian Salmon

Teens, Tenacity and Technique
Nicolette Solomon and Donna Davis

The Suzuki Triangle Relationship
Rebecca Martin and Suzuki parents

Leslie Mizrahi

Leslie Mizrahi

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