Parents as Partners Online launches January 25, 2017 with over 45 video talks for parents.

This series of short online videos for Suzuki parents and teachers will address such Suzuki-related topics as practice tips, parent-child relationships, philosophy, listening, motivation and more!

Register now to gather fresh ideas on numerous Suzuki-related topics!

Here is an example of one of this year’s Parents as Partners talks.

How it Works

  • We’ll email you on Monday, January 25 with instructions on how to access Parents as Partners Online.

  • New video lectures will be added each Monday, and we’ll email you then too.

  • Videos can be watched on any web-enabled device: desktop and laptop computers, smart phones, and tablets—including iPhones and iPads.

  • Audio only “podcast style” versions can be accessed by clicking the “Podcast” button at the top of any Parents as Partners Online page.

  • Transcripts can be found through a link in the information attached to each video

  • Once posted, all videos can be watched online at any time until October 15.

New 2017 Talks

Pleasure in Learning
Edmund Sprunger

Music As A Second Language-Reading
Joan Krzywicki

It’s Not Hard, It’s Just Interesting!
Brittany Gardner

Getting the Most out of your 10,000 Repetitions
Joe Kaiser

Crafting Constructive Positive Feedback
Alexander Revoal

The Magic of Institutes
Holly Blackwelder Carpenter

Part 1 – Practicing Playing and Studying and the Role of Parents in Fostering Autonomy
Fabio Dos Santos

It’s Not About Review
Megan Titensor

No Solo Se Trata de Repasar
Megan Titensor

Giving Back, Getting Back: How Musical Outreach Improves Musical Ability
Zachary Ebin

The Maud Powell Group Class Student Flm Project
Kirsten Marshall

Selected talks from our archives

Playing by Ear…Unlocking the Mystery
Edward Kreitman

Suzuki Parenting: An Exercise in Leadership
Janis Wittrig

No Time to Practice?
Kathleen Bowman

3 Massive Mistakes Practice Parents Make that Harm Advancement (and the Secret to Avoiding Them!)
Jenn Furlong and David Strom

From the First Heartbeat
Wan Tsai Chen

Back to Basics: What Every Teacher Wants You To Know
Lucy Shaw

Seven Secrets to Sanity with Suzuki Siblings
Rebekah Waggoner

Can Every Parent?
Holly Blackwelder Carpenter

Listening Like A Maniac!
Michele Horner

Why Posture?
Helen Higa

Ideas for Creative Review
Robert Richardson

The Suzuki Early Childhood Experience
Lynn McCall

Why Tone?
Cathryn Lee

Sarah Bylander Montzka

Let’s Hear from the Kids!
Reagan Brasch

Working with Adolescents and Teenagers
Daniel Gee

Keep Playing
Susan Baer

Three Years and Still Going Strong
Sherry Cadow

Suzuki Programs in Schools
Patricia Purcell

Listen to Your Child
MaryLou Roberts

Dynamic Practice: Creative Movement Games for Channeling Energy, Regaining Focus, and Productive Practice
Sarah Bylander Montzka

Do What Your Teacher Says
Ellen Berry

Overcoming Practice Challenges . . . I Promise You’re Not Alone!
Christine Goodner

Three Ts
Elizabeth Stuen-Walker

The Benefits of Attending Institutes: Student Perspective
Ann Montzka-Smelser

Dan Browning

Leslie Mizrahi

Leslie Mizrahi

Competition: Striving Together or Against?
Koen Rens

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