If you have an email address, the SAA would like to add you to the circulation list for the monthly newsletter. Don’t miss out on upcoming announcements, news and information. Among the items in upcoming newsletters are these:

  • For Active Members this coming February, the Board election ballot will be issued online and announced through the newsletter. If you don’t already have a website account, get ahead of the game and set one up now by going to the members section and creating an account now so voting is quick and painless in Februaury. With your email address on file, the SAA can save mailing costs in these difficult economic times. (If you cannot receive emails, your ballot will be mailed.)

  • Notification of option to submit ideas for the 2010 SAA Conference in Minneapolis, May 27-31. You’ll want to keep up with developing plans for the SAA’s premier biennial event!

  • Information on how to volunteer for and participate in this spring’s Virtual Leadership Retreat. To reach out to more Suzuki teachers and involve many more of the Association’s diverse and talented members, this year’s Leadership events will be online, continuing throughout the month of April, 2009. No travel, a very low registration fee (allowing you to save for May, 2010, or for summer workshop training!) and the freedom to pick and choose what videos and presentations you would like to watch and what discussions to participate in—just a few of the advantages of this year’s leadership retreat.