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The Canadian Suzuki e-Newsletter/Infolettre Suzuki canadienne is now in its third year of publication and has proved to be a very significant first step in improving communication in both English and French amongst Canadian Suzuki teachers, and we thank the SAA, and CEO Pam Brasch in particular, for their support in this endeavour. Other significant milestones since the beginning of the pandemic:

  • The e-Newsletter Steering Committee has expanded to include teachers literally from coast to coast, holding bi-weekly meetings.
  • The e-Newsletter now has a website: www.canadiansuzukinewsletter.org Please visit us!
  • Two Canadian Leadership meetings have included Canadian Institute Directors and Teacher Trainers brainstorming about ways to connect with Canadian Suzuki teachers both during and after COVID.
  • All-Canadian meetings have brought more and more Canadians together to share ideas and perspectives in ‘person’, thanks to Zoom.
  • Canadian Suzuki teachers are addressing and learning more about how to address DEIA issues specific to Canadians.
  • A bilingual questionnaire developed by the e-Newsletter Steering Committee was sent to all Suzuki teachers in an effort to better understand the unique needs of our teachers as well as to receive feedback on how we can better communicate and support each other.
  • Canada’s only long term University program at WLU under the direction of Paule Barsalou has grown this year with teachers enrolled from Toronto,ON to Brandon, MB to Vancouver, BC on the west coast.
  • Suzuki Association of Ontario, Canada’s only Chapter Affiliate, continues to thrive under a committed and dedicated leadership.

Katie Avery, YT, Paule Barsalou, ON, Carole Bestvater, NL, Erin Dorfer, BC, Karen Kimmett, ON, Gail Lange, ON, Nadia Petriw, BC, Rob Richardson, MB, Kathleen Schoen, AB