2009 virtual Leadership Retreat

The April Virtual Leadership Retreat is fast approaching. The kick-off event will be the LIVE Annual Meeting video webcast and chat on April 4th at 3:30pm Pacific time, which will be open to all members. Other VLR-only highlights include:

  • New video lectures by Jeff Cox, Mark George, Alice Joy Lewis, Christie Felsing, Zachary Ebin, Teri Einfeldt, Diane Slone, Maria Mastropaolo, Sarah Pearce, and others.
  • Videos from past conferences and retreats, including tips on how to plan a workshop, the business side of running a teaching studio, graduations, tour groups, how children learn, and many more.
  • Video features on many Summer Institutes.
  • Book discussion on Talent Is Overrated.
  • Updates on newer Suzuki instrument areas: Organ, Recorder, and Voice.
  • Live chats on many topics.
  • Discussion threads on videos, your teaching stories, and for input on next year’s Conference.

A schedule will be online by the end of the month, so be sure to check the website for that. VLR registrants will receive more information by email in the coming weeks.

Register for the VLR by March 25 to receive a $10 discount off the regular $45 price when you upload your picture and bio.

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