1. What is a “Top Ten Track”?

    A “Top Ten Track” is an opportunity for teachers from all disciplines to come together and learn. Each topic in the “Top Ten Track” will feature ten ideas (or more) that you will be able to take home and use during the year. Tracks will be presented by teachers from all of the instrument areas.

  2. Why are we having “Top Ten Tracks” at the conference?

    The Conference Planning Team wanted to create a time for everyone to get together and learn from each other. We also wanted to create a change of pace from the usual conference sessions to provide a different way for you to experience the conference.

  3. When is it happening at the conference?

    The “Top Ten Tracks will take place on one afternoon during the conference. No other sessions will be offered during this time. Each “Top Ten Track” session will be fast paced and full of information.

  4. Why would I want to submit a proposal to present at one of these sessions?

    You would want to submit a proposal to present at one of these “Top Ten Track” sessions if you have a passion for one of the specific topics and would like to share it with teachers of all disciplines. You should also submit a proposal if you have this passion, and would like to present it with a panel of teachers, this way you would only be responsible for a portion on the session instead of the entire talk. This is a great opportunity for teachers that have never presented at the conference and would like to do so. When you submit your proposal you can indicate that you want to be considered for a panel. The Conference Team will combine presenters accordingly. Likewise, if you have a preselected “team” of members for your panel, please indicate.

  5. What is the “Top Ten Group Class Ideas” Track?

    The Group Class track is targeted to teachers that would like to learn more about group class. This is a great chance to revitalize your group classes with all of the amazing ideas that you will receive from other teachers. Topics may include involving teens in group class, how to organize your group classes and group class activities and games.

  6. What is the “Top Ten Healthy Lifestyle / Healthy Attitude Ideas” Track?

    The Healthy Lifestyle / Healthy Attitude track is for teachers that are looking for ways to create a healthy and balanced environment in their teaching and personal lives. Topics may include ways to keep you and your body healthy while teaching 40+ hours a week, balancing your professional and personal life and ways to stimulate your artistic soul.

  7. What is the “Top Ten Ways for Working with Parents” Track?

    The Working with Parents track is for any teacher that wants to grow in their ability to relate and communicate with parents. Topics may include how to organize parents to take charge without having them take charge of you, parent education tips and ways to communicate to parents.

  8. What is the “Top Ten Meeting the Emerging Teachers’ Needs” Track?

    The Emerging Teachers track was created to meet the needs of teachers that are in the earlier years of their journey as a Suzuki teacher. Topics may include how to handle difficult teaching situations, how to start and run a studio and the top ten reasons you should join the “Noble Cause” of becoming a Suzuki teacher.

  9. What is the “Top Ten New Ideas for Experienced Teachers” Track?

    The Experienced Teachers track is designed for teachers that have been on the journey and are looking for ways to refresh and renew. We will explore ways to revitalize our teaching and remain relevant in our ever changing society. Topics may include how to communicate with younger teachers, how to remain relevant after teaching Twinkle 1,000,000 times and ways to transition to healthy retirement.

  10. What is the next thing that you should do so you can make this the most amazing afternoon of the conference?

    You should mark your calendars for May 27-31, 2010 and plan on attending the conference. You should look at all of the tracks and find one that you are passionate about and turn in a proposal to present. The deadline for submitting your proposals is October 15th, but don’t wait until then. You should email me at and toss around an idea or two. I would love to talk with you about your ideas and encourage you to submit a proposal.

The Conference Team is very excited about the Top Ten tracks and we invite your comments and participation. Presenters and participants will come away from the Top Ten tracks with 100’s of new ideas, and an entire packet of handouts full of inspiring information. We hope everyone will leave the afternoon rejuvenated with many “Top Ten” ideas to apply in the upcoming years.