Timothy Durbin receives 2013 ASI Suzuki Chair award from Pat D’Ercole

Timothy Durbin receives 2013 ASI Suzuki Chair award from Pat D’Ercole

Dr. Timothy Durbin was recognized with the 2013 American Suzuki Institute Suzuki Chair Award. Congratulations!

Dr. Durbin is an SAA Teacher Trainer who teaches at the University of Louisville as well as travelling extensively to teach at Summer Institutes and workshops throughout the year.

Read his inspiring acceptance speech below!

Acceptance Speech

A famous philosopher once said, “If your plan is for one year, plant rice. If your plan is for ten years, plant trees. If your plan is for 100 years, educate children.”

But what should we teach them?

We should not just teach them that one and one makes two and that Paris is the capital of France. We should teach them how to use the knowledge they learn in the service of others and to the betterment of humanity and society.

And what educational tool might help our children complete their education and fulfill this lofty purpose?

Music has the power to meet this need because music creates empathy between those who share it. As its message it contains the common thread of emotions and experiences that unites us all as being human.

And why will the Suzuki method endure whereas other methods will come and go?

Because as its main goal and at the very foundation of its philosophy, the Suzuki Method seeks to create beautiful human beings and make the world a better place. It is a musical education method that acknowledges the power and purpose that music can have in service to society and to the betterment of our lives.

And how will this come about?

We must all work. Evil does not ever take a day off and neither should we. Why have I traveled 24,000 miles this summer, spent 9 weeks away from home and family and dedicated the last 33 years of my life to Suzuki and music? Because I think that music can be a tool for peace and that music can change the world by changing one heart at a time by showing it beauty, humanity and truth.

Thank you for this honor. I will rededicate myself to meeting the standards and ideals it represents and to further the causes of peace in the world and for the happiness of children.

I thank all the teachers for dedicating their lives to planting the seeds that will bear fruit over the next 100 years. You are my heroes and my idols. I think of you every day I teach. You are always with me and I try to share the beautiful spirit you have shown me through your example.

I say thank you to the parents. It is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful gift that you are giving your children. Stay the course.

And to the children…

Immerse yourselves in your music. Let it cleansing tones wash over you. Listen to its beauty and let that beauty grow love and joy in your hearts. And may that love and joy be your constant companion and guiding light in your journey all the days of your lives.

I wish you all a magical journey this week as you explore the beauty of music and the positive message it can have in your lives.

Thank you.

Timothy Durbin, Sunday August 4th, 2013