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August 11, 2017

A collection of articles, video transcripts, and podcasts to nurture Suzuki music education. Read more ▶

A Measure of Progress

August 11, 2017 by Susan Baer

From the video series Parents As Partners Online 2016 When we embark on a project as important as preparing our children for the role that music will play in their lives, it’s only natural that we concern ourselves with a host… Read more ▶

La repeticin es valiosa

August 11, 2017 by Susan Baer

Hola, mi nombre es Sue Baer. Gracias por unirte hoy a esta sesión sobre el tema La repetición es valiosa. Creo que cada niño es capaz de tocar su instrumento a un nivel muy alto. Si has estado involucrado de… Read more ▶

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