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The Suzuki Association of the Americas & Alfred Music Present: Suzuki in Action!

The SAA and Alfred Music are partnering to offer members of the Suzuki community a webinar series! The series aims to create space for those committed to the Suzuki philosophy, music education, and lifelong learning. We’ll have offerings available to teachers, parents, and students throughout the series. Each session challenges artists to think creatively and build better musical practices in community with one another. Translations are available for the live session!

Equity-Centered Practice & Suzuki—Part 2

Led by Tiffany Rice

Tiffany Rice is with us again for a follow-up to December’s successful Part 1 webinar. Our first session covered basic principles of equity and their relevance to Suzuki education, along with a few practices to take home. Join us as we continue to engage with questions such as: How can we create more inclusive learning spaces? What does the Suzuki philosophy offer us in understanding equity-centered practice? Why is it essential to think about creating belonging in your classrooms?

January 7, 2023
10a PT | 12p CT | 1p ET

Need to review Part 1?

If you missed Part 1 of Equity Centered Practice and Suzuki, or need to refresh your memory, you can take a look at the link below!