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June 15, 2020, ASJ 48.3
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American Suzuki Journal 48.3

Previously printed in American Suzuki Journal 48.3. Reprinted with permission. Copyright © 2020 Suzuki Association of the Americas, Inc.

Chloe Groth

Chloe Helene Groth, violinist, is a graduate of the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, where she earned a Master of Music in Teaching and a Bachelor of Music in Performance. She is the founder of Streetcar Suzuki Violin School, a comprehensive Suzuki violin program in New Orleans that prioritizes a lively learning community as well as growing empathy, curiosity, joy, and confidence in violin students. She plays as a substitute with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra and is a member of the Versipel New Music Collective. At Oberlin, her teachers were Gregory Fulkerson and Marilyn McDonald. She has received additional coaching from Amy Thiaville at Loyola University. At Oberlin, she held principal positions in the Oberlin Orchestra and Contemporary Music Ensemble. She was previously the chair of the Suzuki Department at Wisconsin Conservatory of Music and has completed Suzuki training with Ronda Cole, David Strom, Judy Bossuat-Gallic, and additional learning with Gabriel Bolkosky.

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