Newsletter Transformation

Spring is here! (Or fall, if you live in the southern hemisphere.) With spring emerging at the Suzuki Association office, the weather is warming back up, and new changes and new life are taking root everywhere. Trees are sprouting leaves, caterpillars are morphing into butterflies and the Suzuki E-News has also undergone a wonderful transformation! The Suzuki newsletter will continue to bring you all the news from around the Suzuki community that you love, but now will have a brand new name and a brand new look, making the articles that interest you easier to find, and the styles have been updated to make reading across all mail clients more friendly. The Suzuki Association is pleased to present to you Short Score: Your Key to the Suzuki Community. We all hope that you enjoy the new name and look of your community newsletter and look forward to continuing to bring you the best from the Suzuki Community.

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