2013 Washington Capitol Concert

2013 Washington Capitol Concert

Image by Katrin St Clair

On an unusually sunny Saturday, March 23, in Olympia, Washington, children of all ages climbed the steep steps of our state capitol building with violin, viola and cello cases.

They traveled up to three hours to participate in the second annual “Suzuki Concert at the Capitol.”

Students were led and accompanied by Lucy Shaw, Betsy-Stuen Walker, Katrin St. Clair, Janis Upshall, Ginger Christiansen and Anita Dizney. They performed inside the great dome known as the rotunda. As the sound of the strings filled the air, parents and members of the public, who just happened upon the concert, were moved by the beautiful music the children made.

“The children love playing in this great building,” parents stated. One little girl said, “Mommy, it’s like playing in a castle.”

This concert was a free event for the children performing and audience. The teachers all volunteered their time. Quietly passed around the audience during the concert were small slips of paper asking for donations to the scholarship fund for the Suzuki Association of Washington State. Money was raised to help support Suzuki students who wish to go to institutes and teachers to teacher training.