Suzuki Association of the Greater Washington Area

Greetings from Washington D.C.!

The Suzuki Association of the Greater Washington Area (SAGWA) is proud to be the first SAA Chapter Affiliate. SAGWA has a strong and proud tradition of generous leadership in both the national and local Suzuki communities, and the board has expanded with several first-time members and the overall membership is growing. The board has slightly adjusted the current focus of the organization to better serve the teachers of the Suzuki community; when teachers are nurtured and supported, they feel confident to try new ideas and expand their knowledge base. Our goal is to have thriving, energetic, secure studios and programs; and our “job” is to help all teachers further develop themselves and their studio communities. Our new motto is “If you believe every child can and every child deserves the chance—then we are the community for you!”

The board has focused on having smaller and more frequent workshops and events, as opposed to holding only a few large scale events with large budgets. We have also implemented a new policy for teachers who want to attend events with teacher training components; if a teacher with a full studio (18 or more students) sends at least 5 students to the event, that teacher may attend the training at no cost. Teachers with smaller studios who donate their time and energies and encourage student attendance are also invited to take the training at no cost. This new policy has worked very well, and our community of interested teachers and students is growing. The board is focused on furthering Dr. Suzuki’s belief that all people are capable of great things, and that all actions have purpose and meaning. We are encouraging the basics—music, love, community and friendship. We are excited for this new chapter in the history of SAGWA and we hope that others will join us on this exciting journey!

Marissa Murphy Director, Washington Suzuki Strings