Suzuki Association of Colorado

The Suzuki Association of Colorado (SAC) was organized in 1983 with James and Jacqueline Maurer and Carol Tarr at the helm. With teacher training seminars established initially in Denver, the SAC grew to represent teachers of all instruments and in most parts of Colorado. Winter mini institutes, and then the location of two full summer Institutes brought teacher trainers, teachers and many families to the state to share the joys of learning music. There are nearly 300 registered Suzuki teachers in Colorado. Six area associations have independent local activities. State-wide events include teacher education seminars, formal graduation recitals, scholarship auditions, and the highly successful play-ins for six instrument groups. This year, over 100 students participated, including 35 pianos donated by our local Schmitt Music store.

Our Board members are: Arlene Patterson-President; Robin Alfieri-Vice President; Sarah Delevoryas-Secretary; Matt Dorris-Treasurer/Membership; Kat Fritz-Newsletter; Play-In Coordinator-Carol Jilling; Heather Hadley-Teacher Scholarship; Amy Gesmer-Packman-Student Scholarship; Kathleen Romanyshyn-String Graduation; Mina Gonzalez-Piano Graduation