Below is a link to the documentary about the development of the Suzuki organ method from idea 1997, until today 2020. In the film we meet people from all over the world who adapted and made the Suzuki Organ method possible. We will follow the progress of ideas, developments and accomplishments as a result of the Suzuki Organ method, such as the Suzuki Organ chool, web education, home practice organs, pedal extensions, music projects and programs. Link for the web education. The story of the Suzuki Organ method is told by Gunilla Rönnberg, and she describes the path to a global pedagogical movement. Gunilla will present how it started, how it developed and how it is spread today, 2020. We will meet organists who teach by the Suzuki Organ method, enablers of the method and children who play by the method. We will meet manufacturers of home practice organs and pedal extensions.