Student Writing Contest Finalist, 15+ age group

Sing for the sake of singing
Form the thought of something more.
Your strings are there for you to play
To grow, to learn, to love.

Music is forever, rhythm universal.
We can touch the world
with simple words.
To take them into our hearts
Hold them close, and create our souls—

Something beautiful.

Captured in a child’s smile
The spark of inspiration
To reach out to the world, and perhaps
Hear an echo across time and space—

Something wonderful.

That love of what you do is what shows
That the heart is where talent grows
Something… something…
For one to discover by themselves.

“Raise your voice,” the melody whispers.
“Raise your hands. Move with your heart.”
“These are the fragments
of something more.”
“Find yours. Bring them together.”
“Keep singing.”

For it is a truth,

“Within to world silence would ring
If the best were the only ones to sing.”