An Online, Interactive Potpourri of Ideas and Opportunities

The whole month of April, 2009

Conversations, postings, moderated chats, panel discussions, audio and video presentations, live web-based discussion, special challenges, and presentation by the SAA Board—all of these can be ours in April, 2009!

There is a leadership role for everyone in the Suzuki Community. Our challenge is to provide knowledge and skills to inspire and assist individuals in their local or regional roles, whether it be in official capacities as administrators or organizational board members or in the role of ambassador or spokespersons for Suzuki in their communities. The Virtual Leadership Retreat (VLR) will provide opportunities for new and experienced teacher alike to share, to be inspired, to learn and to grow.

The VLR may be your opportunity to give back to the SAA, your Suzuki organization, through sharing your leadership knowledge and skills with newer members and less experienced Suzuki teachers and families!

The VLR will provide a low-key, low-cost sharing opportunity for the knowledge that exists within the Suzuki community can be available to every member of our community who has web access. If you are one of the fortunate persons who have had the opportunity to attend one of the SAA’s Biennial Leadership Retreats (1995-2007), you may have some knowledge or inspiration to share. If you perform a leadership role in your school, program or chapter, you may have much to offer to others. Even if you don’t yet see yourself as a “leader,” your ideas will be valued.

What can the VLR do for you? There are ideas coming in daily! Please send yours. What would you like to know? In what areas would you like to grow your skills. Through your contributions, a list of ideas can be built for the VLR 2009, some can be considered for the 2010 Conference and for future in-person Leadership Retreats.

Here are some sample requests for general topics:

  • How do I start an SAA-approved Institute or workshop?
  • What are the best preliminary approaches to bringing Suzuki programs into the schools?
  • What are the challenges of holding state- or province-wide graduation events?
  • What is the best type of fund-raiser for our Suzuki school?
  • How can I best get the word out about Suzuki education in my community?
  • How can I balance performing with teaching successfully?
  • Recommendations for studio policies? Tuition payment plans? Other studio management ideas?
  • An inspiring or informative article to read and discuss online with colleagues?
  • Shared ways each individual teacher or parent can draw positive attention to Suzuki in his/her local community?
  • A personal or studio challenge to be met?
  • An online raffle?

As a member and registrant, you will be able to choose what you’d like to partake of from the VLR offerings, as well as the time and place. While the VLR can’t bring you together with your friends and colleagues, you’ll get to know the names and faces of other participants and no doubt make some new friends! (By the time April rolls around, we hope to have all members’ photos posted in our members only area of the website.)

You, your program, chapter or organization or business can be sponsors of the VLR. As a sponsor your name and logo will be on the VLR site. You can sponsor by volunteering time or materials for posting. (The Suzuki Association of Ontario has agreed to be our first sponsor! Thanks, SAO!)

Email Virtual Leadership Retreat ideas to [javascript protected email address] Contribute your ideas by January 31, 2009. Please share and help make this a unique and cutting edge event for Suzuki education!