Present on the Call: Andrea Cannon, Seth Himmelhoch, Andy LaFreniere, David Madsen, Joe Pecoraro, Bill Kossler, MaryLou Roberts

Not Present: Mychal Gendron

Agenda Items

1. Mychal—Video Vote

Mychal suggests that the committee to approve, by vote, the GFA article as a companion piece to the video David has been working on. This would be for distribution electronically or in hard copies to interested parties.

David and Seth concur that it contains much valuable information and once it is pared down—as more of a blurb than an article—it will be useful as a boilerplate to go along with the DVD.

2. David—Lack of application for performers for the Showcase Concert at the Conference in Minneapolis

All instruments have experienced a very low number of video applications, so the deadline is extended. Guitar still needs a younger advanced student. As young and as advanced as possible.

An additional enticement is that they would be able to play in the guitar orchestra too. This ensemble will also include all teachers who register for the Conference. MaryLou shares that there have been 9 or 10 applications for the Orchestra/Master Class, which is a good number.

3. David—DVD release

Everyone who has seen the latest version is pleased with it. The issues of final permission and the release forms are the main items still pending.

The immediate plan is to place it on the SAA website. All of us can be thinking of people we would like to contact and ways we would like to share it, including Social Networking sites.

4. Marylou—Should the GFA article Mychal and MaryLou wrote be published in the Journal for history as well as info?

Pam Brasch asked whether we thought it should be published in the Journal for history as well as info. The idea of publishing in the Journal is to set straight some misconceptions and to elaborate on the history because a few years back there was an article in which some misinformation got published.

5. Andrea—Valuable Supplemental Material to the DVD in addition to the recent Soundboard Article.

On our last call while discussing the topic of material that would accompany the DVD when it is finished, two of us mentioned having our own supplemental material that we use. This could be a topic all of us would have something to share about concerning what we use. Joe says if the primary location of the DVD is on the SAA site, then the links are already there. There is no more definitive information to add. Being there gives the DVD a lot of credibility. Pam Brasch said she was excited about it and that it would be on the home page for a while. Joe doesn’t think it needs anything else then. Everyone agrees.