Beginnings often dovetail with endings– such as the young adult whose college years begin after high school graduation. The SAA Board acknowledges the importance of honoring endings, and respects the fact that our newly contracted Executive Director has requested that their name be announced the first week of January, in order to ensure a smooth transition and say farewell to colleagues with whom they have had valuable working relationships.

Although a search process for a position as vital as Executive Director requires a great deal of confidentiality, we also understand that Board silence on this matter has inadvertently given some members the impression of a lack of transparency. We thank those of you who have reached out to name this impression.

The fact that our new Executive Director is taking such care with the relationships in their current position speaks to one of the many qualities we admire about them. We take it as a sign that we will be treated with the same care. In short, we are extremely excited to announce our new Executive Director at the opening of 2022.