The search process for the SAA’s next Executive Director (ED) is well underway. The Board looks forward to announcing an Interim Director on September 1, 2021. There is a short, planned overlap of approximately five working days between the Interim Director and current ED Pam Brasch, whose term ends on August 31, 2021.

The search process for the SAA’s next long-term ED will continue into the fall, as planned. Thus far, the search process is running smoothly and according to the schedule projected and recommended by search consultant Carolyn McCormick of Peak HR Consulting. The Search Committee is currently in the process of reviewing applications that are coming in.

The Search Committee, co-chaired by Mary Halverson-Waldo and Michelle Diggs, has been meeting regularly and working under the guidance of Ms. McCormick. Recently, Ms. Halverson-Waldo shared details of the search process as part of the Annual General Meeting, broadcast on YouTube for SAA members. Please see the links below to view her video segment and read a transcript of its content:

SAA Executive Director Search Process Update for SAA General Meeting