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In the Committee of Teachers Trainers we continue working to have a fluid communication between the SAA office, this committee and the committee of Suzuki Associations of Latin America (a group that brings together representatives from Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru and Ecuador).

Likewise, we are thinking of different alternatives to implement and promote the creation of the Suzuki community in virtuality. An important issue to all Suzuki teachers is how to offer options to attend conferences and institutes (festivals) to children and teachers, and the modality that these events would have when we return to in-person events.

Concerning teacher training, when evaluating the advantages of online courses, we valued the level of accessibility of the training, which made it possible for many teachers who, for several years were interested in approaching for the first time or continue with their training in the Suzuki approach, they had this new alternative that, due to problems of costs, distances or extension in days, was previously impossible. Finally, we are proposing to the SAA office that the “Teaching Strategies” course be a requirement for all teachers, in order to continue their training in Book 3.

We are convinced that the different challenges that have arisen since 2020 with the pandemic, drive us to look for new tools, different formats, to offer the best to our students and teachers, for the good of children.